Prior To Listing Your Home

Section One

I have videos located on this page for the topics shown to help YOU in each of these areas. We want this experience to be drama free with as little stress and anxiety for you as possible!

Because we share so much information, we have found that many times people forget.

As soon as you can, please watch each of these. They will really help you!

Listing Agreement

Click the button below to see a blank listing agreement.

After we have received the listing agreement, we will start gathering the property details to start getting materials ready to properly market your home.

(We will send you the listing agreement to sign after we have received the property details from you.)

How Does a Realtor Get Paid?

Should I Sell My House First?

Agency Status

Property Disclosure

Video Correction:  I meant to say TN Lenders, (not TN law) require a Property Disclosure. TN Law may require the form, but I am not a lawyer. 🙂  I do know all Lenders require this form and it may very well be because it is TN LAW, but I don’t know that for sure.

Also, the “Rule Book” says Realtors cannot fill this form out for the Seller. The Seller must fill this form out.

Note:  If you have not lived in the property yourself for the last 3 years, you will sign a Property Exemption Form.

Comparable Sales

Just some information I thought would help you understand how comparable sales (comps) work.

Seller Paid Closing Cost

Living in Middle TN
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