Weatherstone Homeowners Association Meeting

Please be advised the developer of Weatherstone subdivision will be turning over Weatherstone Homeowners Association to the homeowners in the community. 

There will be a meeting for all of the homeowners in Weatherstone Subdivision to explain what this means to you as a homeowner.

Friday, August 9, 2019 Time:
5:00 pm Where:
Veterans Memorial Park, LaVergne, TN:  Pavillion B – (back of Park) Click for Copy of Restrictions Restrictions Amendeded Weatherstone Plat

Please Read Frequently Asked Questions Below

What is the Association For?

The Association regulates and enforces the recorded community restrictions.

See Restrictions above.

Why did I not know about this?

EVERY homeowner that bought directly from the builder in the community did know about this.  It is in EVERY sales contract purchased through the builder. (You may not have understood it, or forgotten about it because you have not been paying dues, but all homeowners did know in their sales contract.)

Additionally, the Community Restrictions were recorded in 2002. It has been a matter of Public Record since this time. What this means to you as a homeowner is, the entire world was put on notice of the HOA’s existence since 2002 by recording the Restrictions and making them public record.

Anyone who purchased a home after 2002 from has had constructive notice of the HOA.  Constructive notice has the same legal consequences as actual notice with regard to the HOA docs. 

HOA:  Homeowners Association

Is this going to cost me money?

Part of the Association Responsibilities is to maintain the common area. Common area includes the entrance to the subdivision and any land/property that the Association owns within the community. This land and entrance area must be maintained by cutting the grass etc. All this time, yes, since 2002, (17 years) the Developer of the Community has been paying to have these areas cut and maintained rather than charging the homeowners of Weatherstone Community. The property must also have insurance. The Developer has paid $300.00 per year for insurance and approx. $55.00 each time the grass has been cut.

Once this property is turned over to the Homeowners, it is up to the Homeowners how they want to handle having this property taken care of and enforcing the Community Restrictions, aka “Restrictive Covenants”.

Restrictive covenants are intended to preserve the quality of life, usage and care of properties for the mutual benefit of all owners. Hopefully, there will be enough caring owners to assume management of the HOA.

Where is the Common Area?

If you will look on the plat located on this page, you will see the common area for Weatherstone.

This is the area that will have to have the grass cut. (It is past the storm water pond behind the houses on Pin Oak Dr. and Weatherstone Cove)

Metro Nashville does not require that it be cut. HOWEVER if the neighbors call and complain, which they have, you will have to keep the grass cut.

Do I really need to attend this meeting?

It is entirely up to you. At this meeting, officers will be appointed to take over and run the Association. This may be something you are interested in doing.

If you are interested in being in charge or being an officer, or simply have a question, please fill out the “Got Another Question” form below.

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